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Each week we go through hundreds of articles from our feeds, submitted directly to us via the form below, and through social media.

To help you understand what we are looking for in an article, we wanted to share what we look for when choosing content to feature, and hope this helps you when deciding which post(s) to submit to us.

There are two main things we look for when doing our daily content curation: an interesting title, and well-written content that is unique, personal, helpful, or entertaining.

First, posts that have an intriguing and interesting title do better than posts with bland titles. Having an interesting title is very important because when we go through hundreds of posts, we can’t read everything. So, while you might write a wonderful post if the title doesn’t catch our eye, chances are we’ll skip right over it.

Also, having a great title is very important when trying to catch the eye of our readers. Being featured is great, but if you are featured and your title is not great compared to our other features, chances are that our readers might skip over your content as well (even though we know it’s awesome!).

Second, it is important to us is that your content is unique, personal, helpful, and/or entertaining.

Examples of content we look for:

  • An idea we’ve never heard of before
  • An old idea that has been written about before but explained in a new way
  • A captivating/funny personal story (having to do with finance, of course)
  • Helpful tips for achieving personal finance success
  • Well-written (we all make typos, but make sure the post is not littered with spelling errors and is easy to read)

We definitely notice the blogs out there that are helping us spread the word, and we will look to help those blogs get traffic and exposure as we continue to grow.

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